Casting Call – Plot Twist!

General Information

LBMT is partnering with Music in Greenboro to produce an hour-long cabaret entitled, Plot Twist! A Cabaret of Unexpected Surprises. The production features a collection of show tunes with unanticipated endings and unforeseen plot changes. The show ends with the ten-minute musical, Finding the Words, which also aligns with the theme.

We are looking to cast 6 performers in the show. Each performer will have a solo performance, participate in at least 2 group numbers, and participate in the musical, Finding the Words. The show is artistically directed by Paola Della Malva and musically directed by Mathieu Charlebois and Sabrina Tang.

Rehearsals will take place at Riverview School of Music (480 Avalon Place) in the Alta-Vista area of Ottawa on Saturdays from 10:00am-1:00pm starting on February 4. The show will be presented to in-person audiences for a total of 2 matinée performances on March 25 and 26. The Saturday performance will be at Gloucester Presbyterian Church and the Sunday performance will be at Queenswood United Church.

Auditions, rehearsals, and performances will be adhering to current COVID-19 protocols set in place by the Province of Ontario and Ottawa Public Health.

Audition Information

Dates and Times:

  • Saturday, January 28: 12pm, 1pm
  • Monday, January 30: 7pm, 8pm

If you are not available the audition dates but would like to still audition, please select “Not Available” on the audition form. We will contact you to make arrangements for a video audition.

Location: Riverview School of Music – 480 Avalon Place (located inside Trinity Church of the Nazarene)

Please prepare 32 bars (one or two minutes) of a musical theatre song. You may audition with a song you would like to sing in the show (that fits the theme) or you simply can sing something that best demonstrates your vocal abilities. Please come prepared with sheet music so our music director will be able to provide you with piano accompaniment.

You will receive a short scene to read during your audition (it will be a cold read). Please look it over as you are waiting for your audition to begin.

Please Note: You do not need to memorize the scene. You may be given further instruction about the scene by the director at your audition. You may also not be required to read the scene at all.

A dance/movement segment of the audition may be required for all those auditioning. Please come wearing dance appropriate clothing, as you will not be able to change at the audition.

A session of callback auditions may be held at the discretion of the artistic team and may only require certain individuals. They are not an indication of whether you will be cast in the show, or are up for receiving a specific role in the production. Callbacks may not be required if the artistic team does not feel they are necessary for casting the production.

Please submit the audition application at the bottom of the page, if you would like to audition for the show.

Please Note: These are volunteer positions.

Show Description

Finding the Words: At a regional theater, a cast rehearses an overblown operetta, “WORDS OF LOVE”, but rehearsal breaks down when dashing lead actor Tony keeps forgetting his lines. The old director charges his klutzy assistant/granddaughter Fanny with fixing things– and maybe she’ll actually act on her feelings for Tony! Fanny psyches herself up to “TALK TO HIM”.

Fanny and Tony bond, and Tony reveals that the reason he can’t remember his lines is because he has a crush… on someone in the company… someone who probably doesn’t even notice him. Fanny nervously asks who, and Tony reveals that he has a crush on “STEVE” the sound guy.

Fanny pushes Tony to “TALK TO HIM (reprise)”, and she drags him around the whole theater, knocking on doors, looking for Steve. Finally, when Tony accepts that “rejection is better than regret,” he finds Steve and asks him out– and Steve says yes!

Relieved of his stress, Tony returns to the stage to rehearse, and Fanny returns to the house to watch alongside the director. Tony remembers his lines in the “WORDS OF LOVE (reprise)”, and Fanny is vindicated for facing her own fears.


  • FANNY – 20’s to 30’s, female-identifying, sweet, funny, alto.
  • TONY – 20’s to 30’s, male-identifying, classic young male lead type, like a Prince Charming type. Tenor, both pop-rock and legit.
  • MORTY – 50’s to 80’s, wise-cracking Borscht Belt-type. Non-singing.
  • DESIREE – 20’s to 40’s, a total diva. High soprano.
  • STEVE – 20’s to 40’s, male-identifying, a soft-spoken, cool techie. Non-singing.
  • STAGEHAND – Any age. A stagehand, one line. Non-singing.

Audition Form

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