Season Four Production Team Positions

LBMT is looking for committed music directors, choreographers, stage managers, technical directors, and producers to join the production teams of the main shows for our upcoming 2022-2023 season. Additional details about the shows can be found in the posters below and also on our Season Four webpage. Applications are being accepted until Monday, June 6, and a complete list of the responsibilities for each production team position can be found below. To apply, please email with the following:

  1. Provide your theatrical résumé.
  2. Identify which production(s) interests you.
  3. Explain why you want to be involved that production(s).
  4. Explain why LBMT should choose you.
  5. Provide details of your experience with working on a production team (include details of communications with production team and cast members, creation of rehearsal schedules, the process you use to implement your artistic vision…).
  6. Provide us with any additional details you feel we should know.

Season Four Shows

Choreographer Responsibilities

  1. Develops ideas and creates and develops routines to produce a well-polished performance.
  2. Represents the Artistic Director on all choreographic matters and decisions for the production, including running choreography rehearsals, selecting numbers and running choreography portions of auditions, and assisting the director with casting decisions.
  3. Discusses ideas and plans with producers, costume designers, and musical and artistic directors.
  4. Auditions, teaches, and rehearses dancers.
  5. May designate Assistant Choreographers and delegate any portion of these responsibilities as appropriate.

Stage Manager Responsibilities

  1. Creates and sets-up rehearsal schedules.
  2. Manages furniture and props.
  3. Arranges costume and wig fittings.
  4. Liaises with all production team members and collates information.
  5. Supervises the ‘set-up’ and ‘strike’ (when the set, lighting and sound are installed and removed from the space).
  6. Creates a prompt script compiled with notes on Actors’ cues and requirements for props, lighting and sound.
  7. Makes alterations to the set and props between scene changes.
  8. Controls the sound and set lighting cues during the run of the show and/or cues the lighting and sound technicians.
  9. Manages the backstage and onstage area during performances.
  10. Calls actors for rehearsals and performances.
  11. Maintains props, furniture and set during the run.

Technical Director Responsibilities

  1. Surveys performance space for technical production elements/capabilities and serves as a consultant to production staff on technical issues.
  2. Works with set designer on technical construction and implementation aspects of scenery.
  3. Obtains and sets up any technical theatre elements (pyrotechnics, fog machine, etc.) of the production outside of those maintained by the production house. Any expenditures must be coordinated with producer.
  4. Develops lighting design based on set design and survey of production space lighting capabilities. May be deferred in whole or in part to in-house lighting designer.
  5. Works with stage manager to ensure lighting design is implemented correctly.
  6. Develops sound design based on musical and theatrical demands of production and current LBMT sound reinforcement capability. May be deferred in whole or in part to in-house sound designer.
  7. Coordinates deployment and use of LBMT owned and/or rented sound reinforcement equipment. May be deferred in whole or in part to other production participant(s) or in-house audio personnel.

Producer Responsibilities

  1. Develops budget (approval by board) for entire production, including at least the following categories: performance fees, theater rent, theater labor, publicity, programs, music, costumes, set construction supplies and construction expenses, fundraising expenses.
  2. Secures rights to production selected by board of directors and ensures all involved in production are made aware of those rights.
  3. Develops and maintains overall production schedules.
  4. Arranges rehearsal space, audition space, production meetings.
  5. May designate Assistant Producers and delegate any portion of these responsibilities as appropriate.
  6. Secures performance space for production.

Music Director Responsibilities

Please Note: The Music Director positions for Scream Queens and Putting It Together have already been filled.

  1. Oversees all musical aspects of the show.
  2. Represents the Artistic Director on all musical matters and decisions for the production, including running vocal and band rehearsals, selecting songs and running the musical portions of auditions, assisting the director with casting decisions, and working with technical crew on sound, microphones, balance, etc.
  3. Accompanies auditions.
  4. Helps recruit musicians and band members for the show.
  5. Runs music rehearsals as director and accompanist (assign parts, teach music, provide harmony splits…).
  6. Prepares and conducts the band during the show run.
  7. May designate Assistant Musical Directors and delegate any portion of these responsibilities as appropriate.

Please Note: These are volunteer positions.

Any questions? Send us a message!

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