Virtual Playbill: Scream Queens

Scream Queens:
The Musical

Book, Music, and Lyrics:
Scott Martin

“They Sing, They Dance, They Die!”

Show Information

A hotel ballroom outside of Cleveland, Ohio is the setting for the International GlamaGore ScreamiCon, an annual convention for fans, collectors and celebrities of the direct-to-video B-movie horror film genre. The special guests this year are six of the sexiest and most popular actresses in the business – collectively known as the SCREAM QUEENS.

DATES: October 28 and 29
Evening Shows at 8pm
Saturday Matinée at 2pm

LOCATION: Richelieu-Vanier Community Centre (300 Des Pères-Blancs Ave.)

TICKETS: $30.00 in Advance
$35.00 at the Door

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Musical Numbers

Scream Queens: All
I Got All the Talent I Need: Richelle, Alexis, Nadine, DeeDee
Fay Wray: Tonya (with others)
Gotcha Cornered: Biance, DeeDee, Richelle
Still in Demand: Nadine (and others)
Everybody Starts at the Bottom: Alexis, Bianca, DeeDee
I’m Alright, Momma: Bianca, Nadine, Tonya
South of the Border: Alexis (and others)
Happy Endings: Richelle
Don’t Open That Door: DeeDee (and others)
Roger Corman: Bianca (and others)
Special FX: All
Remember the Name: All
Finale: All

Cast and Crew

Production Team

Artistic Director: Jesse Kahat
Apprentice Director: Paola Della Malva
Music Director: Steve Vesely
Stage Manager: Troy Arsenian
Producer: Mathieu Charlebois
Production Assistants: Joy Mwandemange & Laura Walker


Richelle: Ashley Gillard
Nadine: Melodi Uygur
Bianca: Anissa Stambouli
Tonya: Emma Kazmierowski
DeeDee: Kimberley Bentham
Alexis: Anemone Fritzen


Keyboard 1: Steve Vesely
Keyboard 2: Tom Pechloff
Percussion: Tyler Douglas
Bass Guitar: Ivan Matte
Video Editor: Paola Della Malva
Sound Design: Shawn Langille
Lighting Design: Troy Arsenian
Costume Design: Jesse Kahat
Stagehand: Euan Wheaton

Show Synopsis

“They sing – they dance – they die!” A hotel ballroom, 1998, and six voluptuous B-movie “Scream Queens” revive their fading acting careers by presenting a musical revue for their fans at a science fiction and horror film convention. From young newbie to seasoned grand dame, the Queens strut their stuff in song and dance to prove “I Got All of the Talent I Need.” For 90 minutes of hilarious musical mayhem, they take the audience into the world of no-budget movies with awful scripts, fake monsters and gooey “Special FX.” They even involve the audience in a screaming contest and zombie talent search. As each Queen reveals her personal story, we share their hopes and dreams, from Tonya’s love of her idol “Fay Wray” to Alexis’ advice that “Everybody Starts at the Bottom” to DeeDee’s secrets of Scream Queen longevity: “Don’t Open That Door.” British screen veteran Nadine savors her joy of being “Still In Demand” while Bianca celebrates the lifetime achievements of “Roger Corman” and Richelle laments her own elusive “Happy Endings.” They also screen original clips from their direct-to-video “scary movie” spoofs such as “Revenge of the Psycho Bimbos” and “Malibu Vampire Vixens,” all hoping to attract the attention of a popular young horror film director lurking in the audience.



Scream Queens is musical entertainment, and the distressed gals sing beautifully and keep you entertained. They sometimes involve the audience, inviting some on stage to audition as screamers. The cast sings, clowns around and gives insight into their lives, particularly the hard times a curvaceous victim can sink to when the years start to take their toll. ‘This little lady’s stock has fallen so low, even her stalker has lost interest,’ one says.” – Dalt Wonk, Gambit New Orleans

“Like small productions similar to Nunsense, this show has all the markings of a musical that will continue to be mounted through the coming years, although it is clearly demanding of good actresses with very good vocal skills. Among the more memorable songs are a tribute to ‘Fay Wray’, an admonishment that ‘Everybody Starts at the Bottom’, a tribute to ‘Special FX’ and an homage to horror film king ‘Roger Corman.’ ” – New Orleans Examiner

“A sassy musical revue; an affectionate funny tribute… with something for everyone.” — Los Angeles Times

“Campy and full of shtick, affection and great fun!” — The Hollywood Reporter

“It’s a riot!” — Los Angeles Jewish Times

Scream Queens may leave you cheering. An infectiously high-spirited homage.” — Los Angeles Daily News

“With an almost Rocky Horror Show-like presentation, complete with out-of-this world musical numbers and crazy costumes, Scream Queens keeps the audience laughing… cheering and clapping.” — UCLA Daily Bruin

“Up until the early 20th century the term ‘burlesque’ did not denote displays of female skin but rather irreverent or raucous entertainment, with nonstop gags, not confined by stultifying good taste. Chuck your snobby aesthetics at the door and wallow in the laughter.” — Syracuse New Times

Scream Queens is a funny, affectionate, tuneful trip down mammary lane.” —Tony Timpone, Fangoria magazine

“A slick, polished romp into the world of B-movies. Bring a Kleenex or two with you because you’re bound to laugh yourself to tears.” — The Chronicle, Dunnville, Ontario

“They nailed it! It was as if someone had sat beside us at the conventions and absorbed everything. I thought the lyrics were clever and brilliant. It was really funny!” —Brinke Stevens, actual Scream Queen

“Wonderful! Just loved it! Had the best time. They showed the sad side of the business as well as the happy side.” —Linnea Quigley, actual Scream Queen


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Special thanks to the City of Ottawa for their generous support in making this presentation possible.

Scream Queens – The Musical is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals.

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