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Something About New York: A Musical

Originally presented as part of the virtual 2021 Ottawa Fringe Festival from June 17-27

Something About New York is the quirky, musical tale of an unconventional, queer love triangle. Alex is a government worker turned actor in search of her big break. Melissa is an ex-fiancé in search of revenge. Dylan is a recent graduate in search of an escape. They have all come from Ottawa to New York. Ironically, what they find is each other, but only two can win at love’s game… Who will it be?

The show follows a queer, young women on the road to self-discovery as she tries to balance her new life, a new love and the pursuit her dreams. However, her hopes are temporarily suspended when an ex-lover shows up unexpectedly.

Created by Mathieu Charlebois and Joy Mwandemange

Joy Mwandemange as Alex Raddatz
Ainslie Moors as Nicole Wilson
Maya Desrosiers as Melissa Faught
Mathieu Charlebois as Dylan Wilson

with Musicians:
Mathieu Charlebois (Piano)
Galen Cussion (Guitar)
Jason Sedlar (Drums)

Currently available on demand through LBMT | Streaming Passes are on sale for $15, $25, and $50 at the link below and will be sent to the buyer within 24 hours

Turning Back Time: Lost Baggage Launch Party Cabaret Show

“Turning Back Time” is a cabaret show, fundraiser, and launch party for Lost Baggage Musical Theatre. The show lasts about an hour and a half and has two acts which feature over ten local performers singing popular musical theatre numbers, some originals, and some cover songs. We will also have some baked goods/snacks for sale and a silent auction.

After the cabaret show, feel free to stay around, have another drink, and watch (or participate!) in some karaoke. The bar can remain open until midnight.

Lost Baggage Musical Theatre is set on making musical theatre more accessible to Orleans by providing the community with performance opportunities and quality, volunteer-based productions. However, putting on a production is quite a costly endeavour. This cabaret is a way of making our company known in the Ottawa theatre community, while also raising funds to mount our first production.

February 2, 2020 | 8pm

PERFORMANCES BY: Emily Asmar, Mona Beatrix, Mathieu Charlebois, Yang Chen, Maxim David, Joseph Moore, Aly Murphy, Joy Mwandemange, Hilary Peck, Lili Roussakis, Euan Wheaton, and more!

ACCOMPANIED BY: Galen Cussion, Rebecca Dunk, Steve Vesely, and Justine Walker

HOSTED BY: Morgan Coughlan

TICKETS: $15 in advance and $18 at the door

The Drunk Text: A Musical

Presented as part of the Ottawa Fringe Festival under Lost Baggage Musical Theatre’s original name, Miltonbone Productions

Tired of living the path set before him, Dylan leaves his family, life, and job in Ottawa and moves to New York to pursue his artistic ambitions. However, Dylan’s newfound freedom is soon derailed as one drunk text brings his past back to him.

Created by: Mathieu Charlebois, Samantha Clarke, and Nichole Perera

Emily Asmar as Nicole
Mathieu Charlebois as Dylan
Morgan Coughlan as Chaz
Sarah Cousineau as Melissa

with Musicians:
Coren Andrews (Bass Guitar)
Peter Mackechnie (Piano)
Justine Walker (Drums)

Venue: Academic Hall (University of Ottawa) – 135 Séraphin-Marion Private

Show Dates: June 14-24, 2018
– Thursday, June 14: 8-9pm
– Saturday, June 16: 11-12pm
– Sunday, June 17: 4:30-5:30pm
– Wednesday, June 20: 7-8pm
– Friday, June 22: 9-10pm
– Sunday, June 24: 5:30-6:30pm

Tickets are $12 (plus $3 Fringe Festival pin) and are available at the festival box office, at the door, and online:

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