Something About New York: Virtual Playbill

Friday October 2 and Sunday October 4, 2020

Live Streamed from Rice Hall in Orpheus House

Evenings at 7:30

Sunday Matinée at 1:30












  • Chaz Wilson: Morgan Coughlan
  • Nicole Wilson: Ainslie Moors
  • Dylan Raddatz: Alex Henkelman
  • Melissa Faught: Maya Desrosiers
  • Ernest Wilson: Joseph Stone


  • Director: Mathieu Charlebois
  • Assistant Director: Niamh Webber
  • Stage Manager: Troy Arsenian
  • Camera Technician: Claudia Carino
  • Accompanist: Galen Cussion
  • Percussionist: Jason Sedlar
  • Props Designer: Tanys Coughlan
  • Make-up and Hair Designer: Aly Morden-Hayley

Scenes and Musical Numbers


  • Scene 1: The Intro (Company)
    • “Something About New York” (Company)
  • Scene 2: The Problem of Being Ernest (Chaz, Melissa, Ernest)
    • “Why Should I?” (Chaz)
  • Scene 3: Dylan in New York (Dylan, Nicole)
    • “Blabber-osity” (Nicole)
  • Scene 4: Chaz to New York? (Chaz, Nicole, Ernest)
  • Scene 5: The Letter (Ernest, Chaz)
    • “Warning” (Ernest)
      • by Damon Intrabartolo and Jon Hartmere from Bare: A Pop Opera.
  • Scene 6: The Drunk Text (Dylan, Nicole)
    • “Drunk Texting” (Dylan)
  • Scene 7: The More the Merrier (Melissa, Chaz)
    • “I’ll Be Back” (Melissa)
  • Scene 8: The Return of Her Majesty (Dylan, Melissa, Nicole)
    • “You’re the Top” (Nicole, Dylan)
      • by Cole Porter from Anything Goes
  • Scene 9: Three’s Company (Melissa, Dylan, Chaz)
    • “Something Going On” (Melissa, Dylan, Chaz)


  • Scene 10: Rehearsal Talk (Dylan, Chaz, Nicole, Melissa)
    • “Putting It Together” (Dylan, Nicole, Chaz, Melissa)
      • by Stephen Sondheim from Sunday in the Park with George
    • “What If I Told You” (Chaz, Dylan)
  • Scene 11: Opening Night (Dylan, Nicole, Melissa)
    • “A Ring on My Right Hand” (Nicole)
    • “Ev’rybody Says Don’t” (Dylan)
      • by Stephen Sondheim from Anyone Can Whistle
  • Scene 12: The After Party (Melissa, Dylan, Chaz, Nicole)
    • “But If You Go” (Melissa)
  • Scene 13: Lift Up Your Head
    • “Sing Your Song” (Nicole)
  • Scene 14: The Big Reveal
    • “Small Talk” (Ernest, Chaz)
    • “Family Again” (Chaz, Ernest)
  • Scene 15: The Outro



Chaz Wilson is at home in Ottawa on an April morning rushing to get to the last exam of his post-secordary education while his father, Ernest Wilson, nags him about his tardiness and his best-friend, Melissa Faught, waits for him outside. Meanwhile in New York, Nicole Wilson is setting up a room in her flat for Dylan Raddatz, who is boarding a plane and moving to New York from Ottawa to pursue musical theatre (“Something About New York”).

Upon completing their exam, Chaz returns home with Melissa where they are greeted by Ernest, who wants to know how their exams went. Ernest questions Chaz about his exam, but Chaz snaps at him and won’t directly answer the question. Once Ernest leaves the room, Melissa questions why Chaz is having such a difficult time opening up to his father and telling him about his sexuality. Chaz then questions Melissa about her feelings towards her ex-fiancé, Dylan. Once alone, Chaz ponders why he has to come out in the first place and wonders why everyone makes such a big deal about sexuality (“Why Should I?”).

Once in New York, Dylan arrives at Nicole’s flat in which he is renting a room and is greeted by Nicole – the gregarious, loud-mouthed landlord. Unknowingly, Nicole berates Dylan for moving to New York with such lofty dreams and ambitions, discourages him, and is asked to leave his room. Nicole realizes she made a mistake with how she spoke to Dylan and wishes she could control her words more (“Blabber-osity”). Nicole then receives a call from Chaz who is beginning to have a panic attack. She helps him deescalate the panic attack and offers to fly him to New York to visit her (“New York – Part 1”). Chaz initially refuses, but eventually accepts after Ernest reminds him of a camping and hunting trip they are taking over the upcoming weekend. Chaz skips the camping trip by accepting Nicole’s invitation to New York (“New York – Part 2”) and leaves for New York later on the same day. However, before travelling, Chaz leaves his dad a letter which prompts Ernest to seriously question Chaz’s sexuality (“Warning”).

While Chaz is getting settled in Nicole’s flat, Dylan and Nicole are returning inebriated, after going out for happy hour drinks. Nicole questions Dylan about his sexuality and if he has ever desired men before. Dylan admits that while he has never done anything sexual with a man before, he is not opposed to trying it. Nicole hastily invites Chaz to come to Dylan’s room and attemts to set them up on a date. Dylan and Chaz both agree, exchange numbers, and decide to do some sight-seeing in the near future. Once alone, Dylan has flashbacks to some of the intimate moments he shared with Melissa and questions his feelings towards her (“Drunk Texting”). He accidentally sends a text telling her that he still loves her and wants her to come be with him. Upon receiving the text, Melissa is initially outraged. With some prompting from Chaz, Melissa decides to suprise Dylan in New York in the hopes of getting her revenge on him for breaking off their engagement (“I’ll Be Back”). Once in New York, Melissa finds Dylan’s flat. When the two meet, Dylan is displeased and a fight ensues. Melissa storms out of the room and Nicole comes to investigate the kerfuffle. She attempts to lift Dylan’s spirits (“You’re the Top”) and manages to get him a backer, which allows Dylan to present one of his original shows in a theatre in New York.

The following morning, Dylan is getting ready to meet Chaz. Melissa is in his room as Dylan has allowed her to stay with him. Chaz comes to Dylan’s room to meet him and is shocked that his best-friend, Melissa, is there. Chaz had never met Dylan before, so they did not know they had all been talking about the same guys. Melissa, Chaz, and Dylan have an altercation in which Dylan and Chaz convince Melissa there is nothing romantic or sexual going on between them and that it is all a platonic, innocent mix-up (“Something Going On”).


A couple months have passed and Nicole, Melissa, and Chaz are all at the theatre with Dylan, who is rehearsing for his show set to open shortly (“Putting It Together”). Privately, Melissa confronts Chaz about his relationship with Dylan and threateningly tells him to back-off and that he can no longer see Dylan one-on-one. She reveals that she has developed feelings for Dylan again and wants him all to herself. Melissa then hastily needs to leave the theatre with Nicole for a beauty appointment, leaving Chaz and Dylan alone. As the two have become romantically involved, Chaz tells Dylan of the confrontation and his insecurities regarding their relationship (“What If I Told You”). Dylan convinces Chaz that he is committed to him and does not want Melissa anymore.

It is the opening night of Dylan’s show and Dylan has made plans to give Chaz Melissa’s engagement ring as a sign of his committment to their new relationship and that he is truly leaving Melissa behind. In the dressing room before the show begins, Nicole tries to derail this plan and encourages Dylan to take more time to think things through (“A Ring on My Right Hand”). Dylan contemplates his own life choices and that he should not be afraid of what others might think or say (“Ev’rybody Says Don’t”). After the opening night performance, Dylan, Chaz, Melissa, and Nicole are walking to an after-party. In a drunken stupor, Dylan reveals his feeling for Chaz to the group and that they have been seeing each other beind Melissa’s back. Another altercation ensues, and Melissa leaves the group to find her own hotel room (“But If You Go”).

Upon returning from the after-party, Nicole finds Chaz in his room depressed and discouraged by his lack of courage and Melissa’s chastising words. Nicole encourages him to not worry about what others think and to be himself (“Sing Your Song”). Eventually, after an awkward conversation (“Small Talk”), Chaz finds the courage to come out to his father (“Family Again”) and Ernest visits him and Nicole in New York. Melissa leaves New York to return back to Ottawa (“All the Strength You Need”).

Video Gallery

Song Samples

“All the Strength You Need”

“(Come to) New York”

Cast Introductions

Morgan Coughlan as Chaz Wilson

Maya Desrosiers as Melissa Faught

Alex Henkelman as Dylan Raddatz

Ainslie Moors as Nicole Wilson

Joseph Stone as Ernest Wilson

20 Questions With…

Melissa Faught

Dylan Raddatz

Chaz Wilson

Ernest Wilson

Nicole Wilson

Closing Night: October 4, 2020

Something About New York

Friday, October 2 and Sunday October 4, 2020

Evening Shows at 7:30

Sunday Matinée at 1:30

Live Streamed from Rice Hall in Orpheus House

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