Bursary Information

Lost Baggage Musical Theatre is committed to providing equitable opportunities for all to partake in the arts. Therefore, bursaries are available to cover the $250 deposit fee, which needs to be paid in full before the start of the program. To be considered for a bursary, you must write a Bursary Application Letter as part of the application process. We ask that you kindly email your letter to lostbaggagemt@gmail.com at the same time as submitting your application to the program.

The bursary letter tells the program coordinators the reason you are applying and should include the following:

  • INTRODUCTION (Paragraph 1)
    • Your Name
    • A Brief Description of Why You Are Applying
    • Any Relevant Information About Yourself That You Want To Share
  • BODY (Paragraph 2)
    • Why You Qualify To Receive a Bursary
    • Any Hardships You Have Gone Through
    • How the Program Will Help You Achieve Your Artistic Goals
  • CONCLUSION (Paragraph 3)
    • Summarize How the Bursary Will Assist You
    • Mention Any Take-Off Cabin Crew Members That May Have Assisted You In Your Application
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