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Take Your Performances To New Heights!

Take-off is Lost Baggage Musical Theatre’s new, equitable program aimed at taking local musical performers to new heights in their artistic journey. Are you looking to shine brighter in your auditions, make a bigger impression, and become more of a triple threat? Then this program is for you! LBMT is looking for twelve local, aspiring actors who want to improve their skills and are willing to learn and grow from a team of professional instructors and coaches.

Those selected will attend a series of rehearsals, workshops, and masterclasses in groups while also working one-on-one with local, professionally trained vocal coaches. The work done by the artists in the program will culminate into a showcase musical theatre performance at Arts Court Theatre on Friday, December 2. The first half of the program will consist of solo songs that the performers will have worked on with their vocal coach. For the second half, each person will participate in 1 of 2 mini-musicals: 21 Chump Street by Lin Manuel Miranda or Lost Baggage: The Musical, an original show written specifically for this program.

Take-Off runs for 8 weeks starting after the thanksgiving weekend on October 11. Each performer is required to attend two rehearsals a week. 1) A 45-60 minute vocal lesson with 1 of 2 vocal coaches that will focus on the specific needs of the student. The lesson will be scheduled on a weekday at a mutually convenient time between the instructor and student. 2) A weekly rehearsal on Saturdays from 9:30am – 4:30pm (the first on October 15). The rehearsal will be split into two parts. The first 2-3 hours will be either a workshop or masterclass focusing on a specific topic, like audition etiquette, stage movement, singing… After a lunch break, the remaining 4 hours will be used to rehearsal the mini-musicals.

Our program is open to anyone, regardless of your experience or theatre background. However, all participants must be at least 18 years of age at the start of the program. To apply, simply fill-out the application form found below. If you are accepted, the program requires a registration fee of $50 and a deposit of $250 that the participant will receive back at the end of completing the program. Both these fees must be paid before the program begins on October 10. Bursaries are available to cover the deposit so that the program remains equitable.

We encourage you to browse the pages below for more information on Take-Off, LBMT’s new performance development program. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us using the form below. Please note that audition registration is open and we are now accepting applications and audition bookings until Wednesday, August 31!

Audition Information

Accepting Bookings Until Wednesday, August 31

Program Dates

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We are currently booking both in-person and video auditions until Wednesday, August 31. In-person auditions are being held on Saturday, September 3, Wednesday, September 7, and Sunday, September 11. Video auditions must be submitted by midnight on September 11.

Any questions? Send us a message!

Special thanks to the City of Ottawa for making this program possible.

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